PostHeaderIcon Announcement: Logistics Software Solutions

Logistics is a key component in a supply chain. As many large companies go through a lot of deviations in supply and demand, logistics has a direct impact on their development strategies. The usual methodologies for tracking and analyzing inventories have been abandoned by most transport companies, and we are witnessing the adoption of the latest logistics-related technologies, like Cloud and GPS. It serves to make the ecosystem more competitive but also healthier.

But what is a third party logistics software?

It is a software that helps large companies in managing certain tasks, such as warehousing, ordering and supplies transportation to other businesses worldwide. This particular software category includes tools for warehouse management, software for freight brokers and systems that allow for tracking of sales, inventory, shipping, purchase orders, the generation of reports and much more.

One such logistics software solution is the 3PL Warehouse Manager by 3PL Central Software. The company offers a WMS or warehouse management solution that allows companies to operate more smoothly and efficiently, improve profit margins and ensure better customer satisfaction. This particular software solution allows providers to meet the challenges facing 3PL companies. 3PL Warehouse Manager is a web-based solution granting users the means to manage a wide range of customers and boosts all the features required for processing and billing operations. The system has barcode scanning, real-time data access and many other features.

Traker Systems Software by iTracker Hosted 3PL is another hosted, sql web-based system for management. It comes packed with capabilities for RF Scanning designed in such a way as to provide an easy-to-use, yet robust system for warehouse management for companies of all sizes in the 3PL industry. It caters to the unique needs of companies in the defense, aerospace, food and beverages, and other types of industries. iTracker allows for the handling of unlimited number of users in the system, gives unlimited customer access and comes at no extra cost.

A third option for third party logistics software developed by Artezio. They have vast experience in Transport and Logistics and much of it comes from working with a multinational producer of soft drinks, and in particular the Russian branch of the company. Artezio have also worked with one of the airline companies in Russia for the development of a tailor-made software solution for the call centers of the company operating in the country. Artezio have a lot of expertise in tailor-made solutions for logistics and transport that include but are not limited to:

– Data storage systems for customer product distribution
– Procurement management systems
– Management software for shipping orders distribution
– Management system for transportation orders placement.

Our selections were based on the capability of particular vendors to meet the requirements of companies for supporting their most essential business processes.

PostHeaderIcon How Long Does It Take to Get a Computer Science Degree?

If you are thinking about getting a degree in computer science, you are probably wondering how long the process will take. The answer to this question is a bit vague – mostly because there are a lot of different types of programs. Plus, it depends on how ambitious you are. If you are incredibly ambitious, you may want to go the scholarly route and go through an intensive four-year program at a college like Chapman University. If you want a faster paced program, there are plenty of online colleges that you can go to. Here are some ways to gauge how long it takes to get a computer science degree.

Your Prerequisite Courses Will Last a Year

Usually – if you are in a four-year program – you will have to go through at least two semesters with prerequisite classes. These courses will range from advanced mathematics to other basic or general information courses. It is important to take these courses in your freshman year – you don’t want them to drag on.


Some Online Courses May Take Only Two Years

If you want to fast track your degree program, you may want to go to an online college. Of course, if you get your LLM degree or another type of advanced degree, you won’t be able to complete your degree online. When it comes to computer science, though, you can take your classes online and you can complete your program remotely. For instance, if you want to save money on travel and moving costs, you could take courses from one of the top colleges offering this type of degree program.

An Internship Will Require One to Two Years

If you are going through a more intensive program, you may want to go through an internship. Mostly, you will be completing your internship during your collegiate program, but it may run until after you graduate. In that case, you may only be going through a year of your internship before you start looking for a more secure position. However, if you have a top internship at a reputable business, your internship may take even longer to complete.

You May Also Want to Go to Graduate School

If want to go the distance, you may want to go to graduate school and get your doctorate. This could add another two to three years of schooling to your four-year program. It may seem like a long time, but when you graduate you will be prepared for a number of high paying positions. You may even want to stay at your college and become a professor while you work on various projects.

Sometimes Taking a Year Off Can Be a Good Thing

On top of everything, you have to consider a possible deferment year. If you take a break between your first year and the rest of your college years – or if you take a break after your undergraduate program is over – you have to factor this is into the total time you will be in school. In the end, you may want to wait to take a break until you are finally done with college.

PostHeaderIcon 5 Tech Tips to Keep College Students Safe Online

It’s true – Internet safety is a priority for college students. If you are the parent or guardian of a college student, there is a good chance that you have worried about your child’s safety online. The World Wide Web has a lot of dangers. Not only do you have to worry about hackers, you also have to worry about predators that most likely don’t have your child’s best interests in mind. If you are a college student, staying aware on the web is critical to your health and safety – and to your success as a student. This is the case if you are getting one of UC’s nurse practitioner programs online, or if you are going to a classroom everyday at a college like Barry University. If you keep your computer on you at all times, you are increasing your risk. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to stay much safer on the Internet. Here are five tech tips to keep college students safe online.


  1. Set Your Social Media Accounts to Private

When you use social media, you want to be sure that you set all of your accounts to private, or else you could be opening the floodgates for potential predators. Plus, if you have a public social media account – anyone could be looking – from your family back home to potential employers.

  1. Never Post Your Physical Location Anywhere

Another tip to keep in mind when using social media is that you never want to post your physical location. In fact, you don’t want to input your physical location anywhere online, except for places where you know there is a secure connection, like payment gateways and your student settings on our web portal.

  1. Always Sign Out of Your Accounts

After you complete your classes at an online course, or after you use your bank’s website, you want to sign out of the account. If you are on a public computer, signing out will help avoid people jumping on and using your account after you leave. Signing out on your own computer is important, because leaving them open could leave your accounts vulnerable to hackers.

  1. Make Your Passwords More Complicated

When you do make passwords, you want to be sure there is a common thread between all of them. You want to be able to remember most of your passwords. However, you also want to have complicated phasing in your passwords – from jumbles of characters to capital letters. If you know that you will forget your password, you can write it down and keep it on a secure piece of paper near your desk.

  1. Update Your Applications When Prompted

On top of everything, you want to be sure that you update your applications when asked. Over time, bugs and other vulnerabilities can appear in these systems and the old virus blocking capabilities will wear away. All you have to do is update the application to get the newest, safest version. In the end, you want to do everything you can to make your computer less susceptible to viruses.

PostHeaderIcon How to optimize customer journey in your online store


Customer journey is a relatively new marketing term, but it has already revolutionized the way we think about customer experience. In the world of ecommerce, where customers use multiple channels to get in touch with retailers, this term and methodology it entails are especially important. Check the following tips, if you would like to know what customer journey is and how to map and optimize this entire process.

The meaning of the term

Customer journey is basically customer experience, but understood in its broadest sense, as a sum of all factual and possible interactions between customers and your brand. Instead of focusing on a single example of customer experience, you should consider all possible scenarios and prepare for them. Yes, it is a lot to consider! Moreover, to best analyze the customer journey, it is recommended that employees or executives representing different departments in your company also engage in the process, so you could use their practical experience and valuable insight. The goal of the customer journey analysis is to improve your performance at every touchpoint, i.e. every interaction between your customers and your company, represented by your employees, website or social media sites.

How to analyze the customer journey

The most popular method of customer journey analysis is called customer journey mapping. The goal of this method is to study customer behavior and identify potential touchpoints, expectations and needs of the buyer persona. To do it right, you have to first define who your customer is. Think about your target audience and what expectations they have. Change your perspective and try to imagine how it is like to be in your customers’ shoes. The next step is a detailed analysis of the potential journey of your customers, starting from the moment they find out about your products to post-purchase customer service. To create the map, you need to think about possible scenarios, drawing the inspiration from your everyday experience. Even if you run a small business, you should be able to identify at least few touchpoints. If you would like to see examples of customer journey maps, look for them online, however, remember that your map can be very different, depending on the specifics of your business field and your brand.

Optimizing customer journey

Now when you have the map in front of your eyes, the question is how to optimize the customer journey in order to make the best possible impression on your customers. Analyze your actions thus far and think about what you could do better. Sometimes these improvements can be difficult to define or involve working on your online store performance and more successful social media presence. You might want to consult a Magento developer to discuss potential improvements and new features you would like to add to your online store. If you feel that this whole task is too time-consuming and difficult for you, focus on creating a detailed customer journey map and then identify the most important touchpoints. Start from improving these and see how it affects your sales, brand image and popularity among customers. If you see an improvement in these fields, it is a sign that your analysis was a success. Now you can move to the less important points and improve them as well. Verify your hypotheses, test different solutions of various problems and learn from your experience. The more you engage in the process, the more possible improvements you will be able to identify, but you should also be able to see new touchpoints, which you have not considered before. You can benefit from this process in many ways: you can improve the performance of your online store and services, but you can also gain better understanding of your customers.

PostHeaderIcon How you can Hide IP By way of Buy Proxies 247

We Just about all Know that we now have many websites who’re not safe for the privacy simply because they can damage you because of your IP info so we are able to use Buy Proxies 247 to get safe.

Buy Proxies 247

What Does a Proxy Do?

A internet intermediary will let you surf the net secretly, because it burrows your data through servers which are found a few place remotely and can include other IP handles. Along these types of lines, no-one can track a person down and find out what you do on the net.

In by doing this, a secure intermediary may be the middle person involving the PC and also the sites you intend to visit. For whatever period of time that a person make usage of a internet intermediary

(possibly free or even premium), you guarantee that you could change your own IP address all the time and consequently gain secrecy, protection as well as opportunity (imply maintaining the strategic range from all kind of web restrictions online).

Ensure Your Privacy

Course websites through Buy Proxies 247 intermediary to maintain others through minding a person and watching your internet use.



View websites quick via our gigabit program, and keep the surfing secure with Safe Socket Coating (SSL) encryption.


Worldwide ACCESS

Proceed anyplace, in order to anyplace. Through Buy Proxies 247, intermediary retains individuals connected and can make data available all over the world.

Sidestep Filters

Try to not give your own manager or even government an opportunity to piece you out of your most cherished locales. Whenever you interface having a site via our internet intermediary, you are not really associating using the site you are review. intermediary may interface using the site as well as pass this back along for you. Regardless of when the destination website is safe (SSL) or even not, we may pass everything back over a good encoded SSL organization. Give us an opportunity to help a person search the actual locales you’ll need without worrying over individuals bothersome stations.

Mysterious Browsing

What you need to do on the web is absolutely no one’s company yet your own. At intermediary, we remain involving the web make use of and anyone who attempts to sneak a glance at it. Instead of associating straightforwardly to some site, let all of us interface using the site as well as send it back, and no one will understand where you have been. The federal government (or even other, less depressing snoops) won’t possess the capacity to appear behind a person and spy you to observe what you are perusing, viewing or stating.



PostHeaderIcon Reasons To Use A Recruitment Agencies Sales Person Provider

A business that generates most of its revenue through the efforts of its sales team needs to always have access to the best individuals. Some people are natural born salesman, able to close a deal very easily, and this is the type of person that you need working for your company. Finding someone that already has experience can be problematic if you do not know who to contact, and many of the people that come to you for a job may not have the experience that is necessary to be successful. That is why using recruitment agencies sales person providers is your best choice for quickly finding people that can do the job and help your company make more money. There are ways to find the best recruitment agencies, companies that can lead your company to higher volume of sales this year.

How These Recruitment Agencies Find People

In the same way that you would evaluate the number of applicants that we come to your company, these agencies do the same. They have a team of professionals that can easily evaluate which sales representatives are the most talented, and which ones are not. By allowing them to do this work for you, you can save the time of going through interviews which may not lead to the best person. This is why so many people that are into direct marketing or sales will work with these recruitment agencies sales representative locators. Most of them have had prior experience in what it means to be a good salesperson, and they can use their experience to find the best ones. Your goal is to simply find one that is the best in their field, amidst all of the others, so that you can get the best companies working for you.

How To Select The Right Recruitment Agencies Sales Person

To find the best recruitment agencies sales person, you could do this by simply contacting them after locating different ones on the Internet. Depending upon where you are located, the local listings will show you companies that offer this service, along with their contact information. Sometimes there will be feedback posted about how the company has been for others that have used their services. This information can prove to be invaluable, not only helping you to save time, but allowing you to quickly find the best representatives that can work for your company.

After you have done your research on the different businesses that offer this service, you will find a recruitment agencies sales person that can help you. Their goal is to always look for individuals that are motivated to make the sale, sometimes using high risk strategies in order to close the deal. Their goal is always going to be to make the most sales, and in doing so, they can help your business become more profitable. You can typically find one or two businesses that offer similar services, one of which is going to have the exact person that you are looking for.

PostHeaderIcon The Ultimate FIZZ COUNTER!!!??? League of Legends



League of Legends comprises of many players and each player holds a unique ability and power in them. The participation of all this players makes this game an interesting one. All the prayer in LOL are champions. This article is to describe the strength, weaknesses of the champion Fizz. As you go through this article you will find various tips to counter Fizz in League of Legends.

Fizz is a clever champion and known for his exploding adversaries. He generally plays good in the mid or top path since he have a scuffle assault range. Fizz is a solid ganker and he is known as bursty capacity powered champion. Fizz dexterity allows him to move through units and take less physical damage from his basic attacks.

Fizz is a good fighter and has the efficiency to give a grand hit to his enemy. But he is weak against many champions and face difficulty in overcoming them. But overall he is a good LOL champion.

Strength of Fizz

 Fizz has a special ability i.e. while jumping deals with zone damages, so you cannot target him while he jumps.

  1. He uses his E to jump and avoid both control spells and damage. The Q is a targeting spell that allows Fizz to dash at his target, dealing damages.
  1. Fizz has an ultimate power that is linear spell, if it hits its target, the fish hooks to the target. However, the burst of this spell is quite high.

Tips to face Fizz

  • Throw salt at him, this will demoralize him and make him all dried up
  • Focus on him after he uses Playful Trickster to enter a fight.
  • Buy a Quicksilver Sash and use it to drop the fish from his ultimate. This will allow you to avoid the shark.
  • Avoid staying in lane with low health, as Fizz’s Seastone Trident will deal greater damage against the lower health targets.
  • Fizz losses his entire combo when your Banshees is up since Banshees Veil negates Fizz’s shark.
  • Fizz likes to weave in and out of a fight to wait for his cool down, so you can take the advantage of his weakness and disrupt him with your front line.

To counter Fizz you must choose a tough champion in your team. There are few competitors against Fizz who can be his worst nightmare. Among them mention can be make like Mordekaiser, Lyssandra, Akali, Diana and Ryze.

Counter Fizz as Ryze

Ryze is a best Fizz counter when it comes to late game play, since all his skills are targeted and he has the ability to go toe by toe with anyone when he gets at a late game.



Wear Fizz down with your Q and autoattacks repeatedly on him, in case he decides to go full in, you can unleash all your skills for insane amount to burst.

As Fizz is a good ganker, so be careful of ganks because you cannot afford to fall early. Try to stack your Rod of Ages and Tear of the Goddess as quickly as you can in order to give him a good end.

Counter Fizz as Lyssandra

Lyssandra is really one of the best Fizz counter, because she has got a great harass with her Q and two hard CC abilities. She can also push the lane because of Glacial Path that makes his play a quite preety aggressive one.



Remember while you stun Fizz, focus at him and take him out right way. Lyssandra uses the Glacial path at a distance against Fizz when she gets hit by the shark. Beside this, you have to decide whether to use your ultimate on Fizz or on yourself to negate his damage.

Thus, you must have gain little interest by now about the game and how to counter Fizz choosing his best opponents at your team. This is quite tough and a risky game that refreshes my mood because every level of this game seems to be challenging. The more you play the more you are to sharpen your gaming skills. So, you must try this tricky countering game LOL choosing your opponent champion. I really hope that you will give a good end to your enemy.

PostHeaderIcon DX Equipment Is Less Expensive Than You Would Imagine

So, you have actually successfully passed the FCC exam. Now you are ready to end up being a “ham radio” operator and also build your very first contact utilizing “DX radio stations”. The sole thing you have to do would be to purchase required devices. This is the time most novices encounter their first troubles, as several of them are put off by the rate. Certainly, new radio gear can set you back a whole lot. However, you don’t have to invest numerous dollars to appreciate smooth as well as dependable operation of your beginner radio.

All “DX radio stations” contain several key elements. They generally consist of a transmitter to send out a transmission, a receiver and then an antenna. You will hardly deal with any problems in finding any one of those elements. Moreover, in many cases transmitter as well as receiver an incorporated right into a one device known as transceiver. It can be rather pricey. For this reason, experienced hams advise purchasing them independently to save a few added dollars. Whenever you have to acquire new devices for your “DX” radio, you can select various resources. They include various on the internet stores, specialized shops and then flea markets. The last area is actually the best for newbies offering a variety of needed devices at the most sensible rate.

A few popular brand names create various ham radio equipment. A few of them are instead expensive while others provide budget friendly prices like Baofeng, for instance. This Chinese brand name coincides for amateur radio as Huawei for smartphones. They frequently provide customized softwares and also alternatives at the most sensible price you could locate out there if this comes to purchasing brand-new equipment. For example, you can gain from a hand-held radio for less than $30.

Open markets are the most effective location for anyone that intend to put a convenience on their budgets. Here you could by pre-owned devices which is still able to operate well. Simultaneously, you should be instead careful when acquiring on a flea market. On the one hand, you could conveniently negotiate the price and bargain from wonderful devices. On the other hand, there isn’t any refund or other assurances in instance you’re not satisfied with the particular element. The ordinary rate for the complete set of needed equipment of top quality as well as reliability could be under $200. Nevertheless, you could likewise go with some second markets obtainable online like eBay, for example. Anything you choose, always attempt to predict all feasible assurances and then moneybacks. Never wait to consult your neighborhood participants on a specific maker or brand name.

To read more regarding this, visit the DXnews site below

PostHeaderIcon How AWS Cloud Computing Solutions Has Changed the Course of Doing Business?

There have been constant groundbreaking changes in business and technology over the past decade, managing which have gradually become difficult for the technology executives. From typical desktop centric installation of the business application architecture, to client server solutions to web services, the evolution of the IT infrastructure has turned out to be quite swift and efficient. You can now switch to grid computing which makes a whole new class of data crunching, business intelligence and analytics tasks possible which earlier turned out to be time consuming and heavy on the pockets. Today, the way markets function, has fundamentally changed. A wide acceptance towards numerous software and offerings like cloud computing has simply made all the business activities smoother to carry out.

When an organization opts for cloud computing, it can simply consume the storage resources and shared computing without building, operating and enhancing the infrastructure of their own. It is cloud computing that helps an organization obtain a secure, flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure rather than investing your worthy manpower and capital in building the IT support system. The bottom line of obtaining an IT infrastructure via cloud computing is that the organization or the business focuses on the core competences of the business and takes it a level higher. If an organization couples the cloud computing service with an apt business model and utility-style pricing then this service promises to deliver an enterprise grade IT infrastructure that will turn out to be timely, reliable and cost-effective. IT support packages now include cloud computing using private, hybrid and public cloud services besides classic IT services.

Going by the facts, cloud computing has resembled the trend of business outsourcing since it offers the benefits of influencing the expertise of others and being cost-effective, all at the same time. Scalability, elasticity and flexibility are of course the added benefits. These are some of the reasons why a lot of businesses look forward to cloud computing. AWS or Amazon Web services is a cloud computing service offered by Amazon and has earned a worldwide reach serving big corporate houses and companies around the world. The most amazing and arguably the best cloud services offered under AWS include EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Amazon Simple Storage Service also popular as S3. The AWS services due to their numerous data storage and database handling benefits have become the first choice of government organizations in the US like US Medicaid, US Navy and now the latest one to add in the league is CIA.

When it comes to using decentralized IT infrastructure, Amazon Web Services tops the list and are even referred to by IT giants like Apple. It is their decentralized IT infrastructure that has triggered their scientific development and provided an access to storage resources on demand that adds on to the overall productivity of the business. Since its inception in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has effectively served the big industrial big-wigs and has garnered immense fame and trust due to its data security and integrity features. With AWS on its side Amazon has certainly turned into highest revenue grosser among the e-commerce companies in the world.



PostHeaderIcon How to find awesome free fonts for newbie graphic designers

When you are just starting out you need all of the help that you can possibly get. So, having a resource for free fonts when you’re just starting out as a graphic designer can save your life.

There are plenty of websites that offer free fonts, but don’t get carried away because they won’t give you everything for free.

With websites like and My Fonts you can get certain weights and types of fonts for free, but to get the full package you would need to pay. It’s a great place to start, though. There’s also Font Squirrel and Font Fabric.

webdesigntrends has a pretty wide variety of free fonts on offer, though they are more simple and basic options:





It’s important that you note with on the right hand side of each font you will find the permissions of each one. Some of them are for personal use only, just make sure that you double check before using something that will be used for publication.

My Fonts has a massive range of fonts and offers large packages where there are plenty available to purchase, but there are also free variations within most packages. What is great about that is that if there is a font that you really like there’s a good chance you can get it free and if it works out well for you then you can buy others within the same font family.

Lulo Clean Outline Bold

Rational TW Text Demo Light (There are actually 4 free fonts available in this family)

Sucrose Two Demo                                                    

Sucrose Two Bold Demo

Moki Mono

You can see from the examples above that My Fonts has really high quality fonts available for free, fonts that will give your work the edge over other graphic designers that you might be competing with. I should also point out that they tend to have excellent sales from time to time and you can buy really nice fonts for under $5, available for up to 60% off.

With Font Squirrel you will find high quality fonts, much like My Fonts, like the ones you see below:

Alex Brush

Intro Rust

Kaushan Script

Chunk Five


There are plenty to choose from with brush fonts, script fonts and more.

Font Fabric is another great site for quality fonts similar to those found at Font Squirrel and My Font.

Behancehas some excellent options, too, like my personal favorite:

Summer Hearts


Don’t miss out on great fonts available from Google fonts, Free Design Resources, Design School, and Font Spring, too.

So you don’t have to struggle on with what is available on basic packages, you can find plenty of amazing free fonts all over the internet. It is important, though, that you check the license of use on each of those fonts to make sure you don’t get yourself into any trouble. You will find plenty with completely open licenses, just make sure they are before you use them in publications. This article was brought to you by London’s favorite web design company Lilo . Lilo is a web design agency with its offices in 12 Stukeley Street in the heart of London.